What we offer

We think it’s time
to revolutionise respiratory care

Leading the way within COPD Monitoring

We aim to make respiratory diseases measurable and more treatable. And we’re starting by transforming the way COPD is monitored.

While current tools accurately measure a patient’s lung function, they can be difficult to handle, don’t always work on every patient, and are often unable to provide vital warning signs about further deterioration.

With our unique technology, patients no longer have to perform challenging respiratory tests. Instead, advanced sensors monitor respiratory condition and inflammation through normal, tidal breathing – making it the easier option for patients and nurses.

Bringing clarity to decision making

We provide cutting-edge technology to enable patients, physicians and researchers to make the right decisions.

With our unique system, clinicians can measure actual respiratory condition using an established – but until now underused – respiratory biomarker, H2O2.

By applying additional intelligent sensors that allows for multi-variable analysis, clinicians can identify and locate potential airway inflammation and even exacerbations, allowing for better, more informed decisions.

Enabling patients to take control of their health

COPD is often only diagnosed once a patient’s lungs have begun to work at half capacity. With such a high prevalence of late-stage diagnosis, prevention of further lung deterioration becomes key within COPD care.

We believe that patients with COPD should feel in control of their healthcare treatment. That’s why we work to make it simpler for healthcare professionals to monitor lung condition and gather reliable insights.

With access to a greater wealth of accurate information, clinicians can provide better and more precise treatment – and give patients ease of mind.

Supporting advanced developments

With our sophisticated and simple technology, we empower medical researchers and specialists to make advancements in healthcare through accurate, in-depth collection of respiratory data. Based on normal, tidal breathing, researchers can collect all-in-one samples that are accurate and reliable – leading to better insights on lung inflammation levels and disease severity. Not only that, our technology allows for multi-variable measurements and analysis, meaning researchers can measure a range of established biomarkers for further insights and investigation.