Non-invasive point-of-care testing with results available two minutes later

For the first time, thanks to our simple to use and cutting-edge technology, physicians can pinpoint respiratory conditions through the measurement of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) in exhaled breath condensate.

Monitor respiratory condition and inflammation through normal breathing

With Inflammacheck®, advanced factory calibrated sensors monitor respiratory condition and inflammation through normal, tidal breathing. With our light-weight and simple design, tests can be carried out quickly and easily on all patients, regardless of the severity of their disease.


With Inflammacheck®, you can measure and log five different biomarkers in just one breath:

Inflammacheck® adheres to the technical standards published by the ERS (European Respiratory Society)* and ATS (American Thoracic Society) in 2017, and thus defines an ERS/ATS technical standard compliant standardized methodology.

*Footnote: As recommended by the ERS Technical Standard for testing in EBC; Horváth, et al. ‘A European Respiratory Society technical standard: exhaled biomarkers in lung disease.’ Eur Respir J 2017; 49: 1600965,

H2O2 is a relevant biomarker in a range of severe, respiratory diseases, including Lung Cancer

High levels of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) have been consistently detected in the breath of individuals diagnosed with lung cancer at all stages. This discovery offers a potential non-invasive method for early detection and monitoring of the disease.

Clinical evidence indicates that testing for H2O2 with Inflammacheck®
can be applied in a wide range of severe, respiratory conditions – not the least Lung Cancer.

This discovery presents an exciting opportunity for cost-effective and time-efficient pre-screening, enabling the identification of individuals at high risk of developing lung cancer.
By enhancing detection rates and supporting early diagnosis, it holds great potential for improving overall outcomes in lung cancer management.

Proposed initial Use Case for Inflammacheck® in Lung Cancer screening

lung cancer screening
inflammacheck lung cancer screening

Use case: Addressing unmet need for Point of Care test to support qualification of candidates for Low-Dose CT scanning (LDCT) in Lung Cancer screening

Point of Care test to support pre-screening of candidates for LDCT scanning to better identify individuals at high risk of having Lung Cancer, thereby enabling better resource utilization and early disease diagnosis.
Point of care lung cancer

Our fully automatic Inflammacheck®, can be used without any specialist training

A tool to collect accurate, insightful information on lung condition and potential airway inflammation in only 5 minutes.

Non-invasive point-of-care testing means physicians can gather a full sample after 1-3 minutes, with results available two minutes later.

Inflammacheck® analyses H2O2 levels in exhaled breath to detect and track possible oxidative stress and lung inflammation.

Our ground-breaking technology also measures a range of supportive and established biomarkers for additional insights and multi-variable analysis.

Small but mighty

At Exhalation Technology, we are revolutionising respiratory care by providing physicians the tools they need to provide optimal patient care and are committed to helping transform the way we diagnose, treat and monitor respiratory diseases. In improving patient outcomes, we help physicians meet the challenges and opportunities that arise from an ever-evolving respiratory healthcare world.

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